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Remote patient observation that improves patient safety and satisfaction

We help overburdened clinicians remotely observe patients to meaningfully improve patient safety and satisfaction without straining staff resources


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Reduce inpatient falls with MedSitter


of inpatient falls go unobserved.


average cost of an inpatient-fall.


average daily cost of a 1:1 patient sitter.

The MedSitter Difference:



Instantaneous communication

between patients and sitters via two-way audio and video.

File storage


Easily accessible data

with real-time customizable analytics and reporting.




End-to-end support

clinical and technical support from pre-sale, through account maturity.



Full communication support

from the 24/7 customer care center and dedicated clinical training team.



Proactive design

supporting injury prevention and other 1:1 use cases.

Check centered


Easy implementation

roll-out ready equipment backed by on-site and virtual training options.

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MedSitter Use Cases

  • Prevent patient falls and adverse injuries

  • Unburden staff and improve staffing workflows

  • Provide patient companionship

  • Monitor COVID-19 patients without unnecessarily exposing nursing staff and reduce PPE usage

  • Confirm a patient no longer needs 1:1 observation before transferring to a long-term care facility

  • Improve nurse and security staff safety

  • Provide family relief

  • Reduce workplace violence

  • Enhance telemetry monitoring services

  • Avoid patient elopement

  • Reduce contraband and monitor NPO patients

Hear from our Clients

"Given our limited IT resources and competing priorities, we knew we could not host a solution ourselves. As a cloud hosted solution, the Medsitter solution allowed us to get up and running quickly and smoothly. It was one of the smoothest technical and operational implementations we have had."

Alex Nason | Director of IT and Innovation, Frederick Health

"MedSitter positively improves patient safety. Through continuous remote monitoring, it prevents diverting staff resources to do one on one observations which allows more staff on the unit. Families also have comfort in knowing their loved one is being closely monitored."

Kathy Scipione | Nursing Director, Hunterdon Medical Center

"Our team as found MedSitter useful for patient safety, staff safety, family dynamics, patient companionship (our patients interact well with the monitoring techs), and most recently the system has been utilized for observing the donning and doffing PPE. The team at Medsitter are amazing to work with. They are communicative and supportive."

Sonya Wood-Johnson | Quality Assurance Manager, Good Shepherd Penn Partners Specialty Hospital




MedSitter Overview

Proper observation of every at-risk patient is challenging and costly. MedSitter's 10:1 remote observation system unburdens staff while preserving budgets and keeping patients safe. Download this onesheet to learn:

  • The benefits of the MedSitter system
  • What separates MedSitter from 1:1 sitting
  • How MedSitter differentiates from the competition

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MedSitter: The Healthcare Staffing Secret

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MedSitter’s Vision for 2022

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