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About MedSitter

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MedSitter was founded in 2017 to help clinicians avoid patient injuries without straining staff resources. We believe that patient safety and satisfaction should be the number one priority, but recognize that limited time, money, and resources often create a challenging situation. Our remote, 10:1 patient observation system helps overburdened clinicians to observe patients in order to meaningfully improve patient safety and satisfaction.

We chose the Angelfish as our logo because Angelfish never travel alone. They are always found in pairs. Similarly, our remote sitters are like angels watching over your patients. With a MedSitter device in the room, your patients are never alone. 

"MedSitter positively improves patient safety. Through continuous remote monitoring, it prevents diverting staff resources to do one on one observations which allows more staff on the unit. Families also have comfort in knowing their loved one is being closely monitored."

Kathy Scipione | Nursing Director, Hunterdon Medical Center