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MedSitter+ Staff

MedSitter now staffs a workforce of patient safety observers

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Staffing shortages have made it extremely difficult for healthcare facilities to maintain a network of patient sitters. As a result, patients are going unobserved and injuries are on the rise.
MedSitter+ Staff is MedSitter’s workforce solution. Now, MedSitter clients have the option to rely on an observer who is employed by MedSitter for remote patient observation, unburdening staff and ensuring that high-risk patients stay safe. The MedSitter+ Staff call center is fully secure and HIPAA compliant, and sitters are both highly trained and dedicated to keeping patients safe.

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  • Preserve existing staff resources

  • Reduce need for forced overtime

  • Keep more patients safe

  • Save money by both preventing falls and keeping existing staff in their appropriate roles

  • Remove the hassle of maintaining and managing an internal sitter workforce

  • Eliminate training requirements for nursing staff

  • Improve patient outcomes

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