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MedSitter, a Leading Patient Observation Provider, Appoints Bart Ronan as Chief Financial Officer

PRWeb | September 22, 2022

MedSitter, a leading remote patient observation solution, announced the appointment of Bart Ronan, as Chief Financial Officer. Ronan comes to MedSitter with extensive experience across multiple industries. He will oversee the company’s finances with the goal of driving growth and customer acquisition.

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Health Tech: Tracy Mills on How MedSitter's Technology Makes an Important Impact on Our Overall Wellness

Authority Magazine | May 31, 2022

We are interviewing leaders of tech companies who are creating or have created a tech product that is helping to make a positive change in people’s lives or the environment.

As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Mills.

Tracy is the founder and CEO of MedSitter, a remote patient observation solution that works to keep patients safe without straining onsite hospital staff. Tracy is a passionate, customer-focused technology visionary. For over a decade, he has been committed to bringing technology solutions into the healthcare space.

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Baptist Health Floyd Keeping Patients Safe with MedSitter

News and Tribune | March 16, 2022

Baptist Health Floyd is using new technology to help keep patients safe. Floyd is the first hospital in the Baptist system to use MedSitter.

If a patient attempts to get out of bed, the person at the command center will “redirect” the patient to get back into the bed. If that doesn’t work, the human sitter will hit an alarm that will alert the nurse’s station on that floor to go assist the patient.

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Berenson Capital's MedSitter Aims to Prevent Patients from Falling

PE Hub | March 11, 2022

PE Hub’s ongoing series on private equity firms investing in healthcare continues with insights from Brendyn Grimaldi, managing director, Berenson Capital. Founded in 2016 as the private equity arm of merchant bank Berenson, the PE group backs software and tech-enabled services businesses. To date, the firm has made one acquisition in the healthcare sector.

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Interactive Digital Solutions Announces Investment From Berenson Capital Along With a Plan to Separate Into Two Independent Companies

Newswire | October 20, 2021

In 2017, IDS developed MedSitter, a proprietary virtual patient observation platform designed to reduce patient falls in medical facilities. Since then, MedSitter has matured into a leading virtual patient observation solution, distinct in the market for its persistent two-way audio and video connection between patients and observers. After months of consideration, the IDS and MedSitter leadership team decided that separating the companies would enable both brands to prioritize the needs of their markets, respectively. 

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