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Educational Resources

How To Support Nurses' Mental Health Amidst the Ongoing Staff Shortages

White Paper

Learn how MedSitter Takes Some Pressure Off Of Onsite Nursing Teams

    • How burnout affects nurses

    • What nurses really want
    • How MedSitter can help and serve as a nursing extension
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The MedSitter Good Catch: What It Is and How They Prove MedSitter's Efficacy

White Paper

Learn How MedSitter Avoids Patient Adverse Events

    • How MedSitter can be used for more than fall prevention

    • What are good catches?
    • Examples of real good catches from the MedSitter platform
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How MedSitter Impacts Patient Satisfaction

White Paper

Learn How MedSitter Can Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

    • How patient satisfaction scores impact reimbursement rates

    • How employee engagement can directly impact patient satisfaction scores 
    • How MedSitter can enhance employee engagement
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How MedSitter's Thoughtful Design Improves Patient Safety and Satisfaction

White Paper

Learn How MedSitter's UX Design Impacts Patient Safety and Satisfaction...

    • How MedSitter helps alleviate healthcare staffing shortages  

    • Why 10 patients is the magic number for sitters to watch 
    • How MedSitter’s design reduces sitter fatigue 
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How Remote Patient Observation Benefits Patients, Providers, and Healthcare Administration

White Paper

Learn How Virtual Sitting Advances Patient Care. Virtual Sitting...

  • Makes patient observers more efficient by assigning them to more patients

  • Saves nurses time and effort
  • Keeps patients safe while providing companionship
  • Supports the avoidance of costly accidents
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How CentraCare Transitioned to MedSitter Remote Patient Observation in 8 Business Days

Case Study with CentraCare

CentraCare needed a remote observation solution quickly. In this case study, you will learn...

  • Why CentraCare chose MedSitter for remote patient observation
  • How MedSitter accelerated our implementation timeline
  • How CentraCare staff are responding to the change
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