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About the MedSitter Product

MedSitter is a cloud-native software solution that provides in-room monitoring by placing carts within the patient room.

Observation is performed at stations that can be placed anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Why MedSitter?

MedSitter Cart Image April 2023


MedSitter Hardware

Thoughtfully designed

  • Medical-grade 22-inch touch-screen PC
  • Small, stable, in-room footprint; no more than that of a side chair
  • 360° HD day & night PTZ 10x camera with IR illumination for full room visibility regardless of lighting
  • Powerful speaker and microphone for clear communications between observer and patient
  • Wall-powered and/or hot-swappable, rechargeable batteries (up to three) to support the whole cart
  • Rollout ready from the box, if preconfigured with your facility’s Wi-Fi

MedSitter Software

An experience crafted with Clinicians in mind

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Two-way video and audio communication with up to 10 patients per observer
  • Cloud-based with regular non-disruptive updates for new features and improvements
  • Observers are empowered to remotely control in-room audio volume, camera position, and night vision
  • Integrated telephony allows swift communication by observers in communicating with on-site staff either through SMS (text) or Voice (phone)
  • Support for 63 languages included through recorded prompts by native speakers, American Sign Language video prompts for the Deaf community, and cross-language text-to-speech for select languages for prompt library augmentation
  • Intelligent workflow assistance. Meaningful use of machine learning to support workflows that reduce task burdens and empower observers to be more efficient; whether motion detection, timed reminders, in-room context, or presence awareness

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MedSitter Service

MedSitter's clinical team understands what you need in order to be successful. The services we provide are based on their depth of knowledge.

The MedSitter service features:

  • Virtual and onsite training led by a team of RNs
  • A Platinum Plus Maintenance and Support package that includes Tier 1 technical support from a US-based customer service team
  • Access to HIPAA-trained technicians 24x7
  • Ongoing hardware and software updates that take place with virtually no down time
  • Access to data reports

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Why MedSitter?

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